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OCT 2017

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38 MMS October 2017 COMPETING IDEAS Columnist could not have foreseen and others that you've lef t until the last minute. You can reduce last- minute activities by planning ahead and avoiding procrastination; however, you cannot always predict or avoid some issues and crises. The best approach to time management of important and urgent activities is to leave some time in your schedule to handle the unexpected and unplanned. 2 . Impor tant, but Not Urgent. These are the activities that help you achieve your goals and complete important work. For effective time management, make sure you plan sufficient time to do these things properly, so that they do not fall into the urgent category. 3. Not Important, but Urgent. Urgent-but- not-important activities prevent you from achiev- i n g yo u r g o a l s. A c o m m o n s o u rc e of th e s e activities is other people. You should make an effort to reschedule or dele gate such activitie s whe neve r possible. Sometimes, it's appropriate to say no to people politely, or to encourage them to handle these activities themselves, making it clear that you can provide assistance if they get stuck. 4. Not Important and Not Urgent. These activities are distractions that prevent other, more important, activities from getting done. To help manage your time, you may be able to ignore or cancel many of them. If others want you to work on these activities, again, you can attempt to politely decline and explain your reasons. If you make your reasons clear to people, they may avoid approaching you with these types of activ- ities in the future. Try this exercise: Think about 10 or so activ- ities that you have on your plate, and place them in the urgent /impor tant matrix. How many of these are in the two impor tant quadrants and how many are not? Perhaps finding alternate ways of handling the unimportant activities will allow you to become a more effective manager of your time. Mitutoyo America Corporation | 1-888-mitutoyo | ABS AT1100 Enclosed Linear Scale Designed for Severe Environments The ABSOLUTE, electromagnetic AT1100 provides the best defense against contamination. The unit's robust housing uses industry standard, machine-tool mounting dimensions. All major control manufacturers are supported. View Video C M M • V I S I O N • F O R M A N D F I N I S H • P R E C I S I O N T O O L S A N D I N S T R U M E N T S • D A T A M A N A G E M E N T

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