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OCT 2017

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42 MMS October 2017 THE VIEW FROM MY SHOP Guest Columnist mistake was punishment enough and reassured me that I had done the right thing by not yelling at him. I explained that, in the future, if he was ever unsure about a task, he should not be afraid to come ask me a question before proceeding. I think it's safe to say most of us learn best by doing. Naturally, making mistakes is part of the learning process. The key is that we learn from our mistakes. When employees make repeat mistakes to the point that I feel the need to step in to confront them, I look at it as an opportunity to teach them something and give them the tools to be self-sufficient rather than a situation that warrants me scolding them. Not only is this a very nonconfrontational approach to addressing a problem, but it fosters a more positive learning environment for everyone. I certainly don't want anyone to be afraid of asking a question, because if they are asking, it means they care enough to want to know the correct way to do something. I tell my employees that I would rather they ask me 1,000 seemingly stupid questions than make one mistake. There is no place for ego in the workplace, only learning. I have always believed that the way to be a good leader is to set a good example. If you want people to learn how to do something, don't tell them how to do it, show them. How you choose to handle problems with employees can be criti- cal to your success as a manager. Management style often seems to be an overlooked detail. If you are a business owner, you probably already know that managing means doing a lot of things for which you didn't necessarily sign up. Go the extra mile to make sure your employees are happy and you are treating them right. It doesn't take much to keep them happy. You'll be surprised how much more your employees will do for you if you treat them as they should be treated. M a c h i n e d C o n c e pt s i s a C h i c a g o - a r e a production CNC machine shop. More at Tooling Technology Measuring and Presetting Technology Shrinking Technology Balancing Technology HAIMER The only true solution for roughing and trochoidal milling operations in the industry. 100% pullout protection with length adjustment Best runout accuracy via highly accurate shrink fit and collet chuck technology Highest balance quality and stability due to symmetrical design 40 Years Quality

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