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OCT 2017

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46 MMS October 2017 SHOP TALK CONFERENCE TO FOCUS ON UNDERSTANDING, IMPLEMENTING INDUSTRY 4.0 TECHNOLOGIES Automation Alley, a Michigan technology and manufacturing business association, is hosting the Integr8 Conference, a cross-disciplinary global conference focused on Industry 4.0 technologies. Scheduled for November 9, 2017, the Detroit, Michigan, conference is expected to attract 500 manufacturing and tech- nology professionals. The goal will be to pro- mote understanding of w h at th e a s s o c i ati o n c a l l s t h e e i g h t k e y technologies associated with Industry 4.0, or the so-called Fourth Indus- trial Revolution: cyber- security; big data and a r ti f i c i a l i nte lli g e n c e; additive manufacturing; a d v a n c e d m a te r i a l s; robotics; the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT); cloud computing and modeling; and simulation and visualization "Smar t, connected factories have created both immense opportu- nities and great chal- lenges for manufacturers both locally and across the globe. Because the speed of change related to I n d u s t r y 4.0 i s s o rapid, manufacturers, especially the small and medium-sized manufac- turers, need help navi- gating this unchar ted territory. That's why we created Integr8," says Tom Kelly, Automation Alley's CEO and execu- tive director. "Through Integr8, we are deliver- ing knowledge to help can often be better repurposed elsewhere. Find more photos from this event as well as a list of tips from metal-finishing specialist Acme Manufacturing Co. on how to implement automated deburring at . Applied Manufacturing Technologies, call 248-409-2000 or visit ATI Industrial Automation, call 919-772-0115 or visit

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