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OCT 2017

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60 MMS October 2017 QUALITY GAGING TIPS Columnist statistical capabilities in one system. This provides a lot of capabilities, but along with these comes a degree of complexity, often a bit more than the standard gage control technician can handle. A recent trend being offered by gage builders is a concept similar to the standard mechanical elements, but using electronic modules and software, that allows users to put together a gaging and display package with only the capabilities needed to do the job. This modular electrical concept saves on hardware and software cost and allows the user to build a gaging system tailored to the specific task—nothing less and nothing more. These systems start with a flexible but simple- to-use software module for taking various gaging inputs and displaying results to the user. The concept often used with these software packages is to take "programming" out of the equation. Rather, measuring tasks are created with a series of icons related to the task at hand. For example, icons can represent a simple one-probe length check or two-probe differential check, or a com- plex eight-probe concentricity calculation. Thus, all the user needs to do is select the task icon and start measuring parts. The second part of this standard electronic elements solution is a series of modules that are linked together to create the desired measuring task. These modules for linear variable differential transformer (LVDT) or digital probes, air tooling, and I/O capability are locked together and provide the input data to the modular software via a simple USB interface. The customer only needs those modules that match the application, and since these run on virtually any PC, the user can decide on the solution that best fits his or her application, even using existing manufacturing PCs to do the gaging as part of the operator's workstation. In today's fast-paced manufacturing opera- tions based on flexibility and short runs of preci- sion par ts, a gaging system that matches the way parts are made may be the solution to solve your requirements. Renishaw Inc West Dundee, IL RenAM 500M, for a new era of metal additive manufacturing For more information visit Renishaw's new metal powder bed fusion additive manufacturing system for industrial production, RenAM 500M, features increased emphasis on automation and reduced operator intervention. The system is the first to be designed and manufactured in-house by Renishaw, applying over 40 years of cross-sector engineering excellence that spans electrical, mechanical and optical technologies.

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