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OCT 2017

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68 MMS October 2017 ADDITIVE INSIGHTS Understanding Industrial 3D Printing standard drill was fairly ineffective, crushing the supports inward instead of removing them. The end mill (top right) and ball-end grinding stone (bottom right) were only slightly more effective, still tending to crush/tear the supports away versus cleanly removing them. As shown in the bottom left image, it was the cylinder burr that seems to have done the best job on this material and support- structure geometry, removing the supports cleanly as it plunged into the stainless steel thin-walled structures. Had the part been heat treated or made from a different material, or had a different support geometry been used, the results likely would not have been the same, and a different tool/approach would likely have faired better. In summary, machining away metallic supports remains a challenge for additive manufacturing. While most researchers have focused on gaining a better understanding of the additive manufactur- ing process itself, few have spent the necessary time and energy to understand what it takes to remove support structures and finish additively manufactured parts efficiently and effectively. In many cases, service bureaus offering AM capa- bilities do not have postprocessing and finishing capabilities in house or may not be asked (or inclined) to remove support structures from a part. For those of you that have both additive and sub- tractive capabilities, or an interest in contributing to the postprocessing of additively manufactured parts, we desperately need your help. Fig. 2. This rendering shows the laser-scan pattern for a Ti64 part (gray) and its support structures (pink). METROLOGY SOLUTIONS TAKE CONTROL OVER QUALITY. S O L U T I O N S F O R D I M E N S I O N A L I N S P E C T I O N O N S H O P F L O O R S . 1.855.939.4446

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