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NOV 2017

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BETTER PRODUCTION Shops Using Technology 104 MMS November 2017 the machine is seeing or reading. The software shows us any over-travels or mistakes where a program might have gouged or run through a part, or any rapid moves that are wrong but didn't show up in the CAM system's simulation." He says some of the shop's jobs appeared to be error-free in the CAM program's simulation, b u t N C S i m u l s h o w e d t h a t t h e p r o g r a m s would result in collisions. In some cases, "We've seen that we might have hit or machined of f a clamp that we didn't see in the CAM software," he says. Kur t doe s not use NCSimul's cycle-time optimization feature on its shor t runs, but the shop has found that it works well for some of its other jobs. "We did u s e i t o n s o m e j o b s where we were cutting down our cycle times, and it clearly showed t h e r a p i d p a t h s ," h e says. For example, he says that the software enabled the company to index the rotary and move all axes together during tool positioning on an all-terrain vehicle ( AT V ) c r a n k c a s e i t m a ke s, re d u c i n g th e c y c l e t i m e b y 10 t o 15 percent. A c c o r d i n g t o M r. Eisenchenk, the eco- nomic justification for implementing NCSimul software at Kurt is clear. "If you have a $20,000 par t in there and you scrap it out, you can p ret t y m u c h b u y th e s o f t w a r e w i t h t h a t o n e s c r a p p e d p a r t," he says. collisions and correct motion errors. Finally, it validates the part cut and machining result. "We are mainly looking for any moves in the G-code program that might be dif ferent than what the CAM software saw," Mr. Eisenschenk says. "Through NCSimul, we get exactly what Spring Technologies Inc., call 617-401-2197 or visit Think small. THINK SMALL THINK SMALL Think small. Our legendary high performance technology, now in micro tools. See the difference for yourself, request a test tool. Contact your KSPT Sales Engineer or Distributor Representative today.

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