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NOV 2017

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BETTER PRODUCTION Shops Using Technology 110 MMS November 2017 strategic planning for the company. At that point, "there really was no infrastructure," Mr. Febrey says. "We needed to put a business system in place, get professional management, obtain a maintenance person to revitalize the equipment, e stablish qualit y machining and build a new customer base." Once Mr. Febrey had established a system for reliable, repeatable and accurate machining and processes for internal quality control, he turned to the main challenge facing the shop. "The biggest hurdle was the e q u i p m e nt i ts e l f," h e explains. The facility's size gave it the possibil- ity of large-parts machin- ing, but the outdated equipment was holding it back. The shop was f u n c t i o n i n g w i t h o u t through-spindle coolant, a n a u t o m a t i c t o o l - changer, and adequate speeds and feeds. Mr. Febrey realized that, although Napoleon saw itself as a boring- mill shop, 80 percent of its jobs were not boring- mill jobs. And although i t h ad th e s pac e a n d p ote n t i a l to p ro d u c e large parts, it was only w i n n i n g b e t w e e n 6 and 14 percent of the l a r g e - p a r t j o b s i t quoted. Another prob- lem the shop faced was that for the large-par t jobs it did win, setup times were between four and eight hours. With this information, Napoleon invested in a Toyoda LB63324M mill with a ver tical bridge, r i g h t - a n g l e h e a d , MAKE YOUR MACHINE WORK SMARTER from Marposs, helping to improve productivity, enhance quality, safeguard operations and reduce cost on a broad range of machine tools. What if your machine tool could talk or perform the following, in real time? n Tell you that a cutter is near the end of its life? n That a worn spindle bearing is about to cause catastrophic failure? n Intelligently adjust feed rate to compensate for material variations? n Assist in documenting product quality? Imagination becomes reality with Artis and Brankamp machine and process monitoring technology With Marposs monitoring solutions, your machines work smarter and Industry 4.0 becomes reality. 1-888-627-7677 or MonitoringSolutions Artis/Brankamp Part of the MARPOSS Group of Companies 14 large -c apacit y machine s, but whe n Paul Sc hlat te r e sta blis he d the s hop in 2010, the 65,000-square-foot facility in Napoleon, Ohio, and 13 large-part machines he leased had not been used in years. It was filled with rusted boring mills and manual lathes, and none of the machines had been updated since 1996. In May 2011, Mr. Schlatter brought on current president and owner Keven Febrey to lead shopfloor operations and

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