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NOV 2017

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BETTER PRODUCTION Shops Using Technology 122 MMS November 2017 has "at least three" of every size boring bar and head available, Mr. Shahinian says. S&K also has used these damped tools to m ac h i n e 1.8750 -i n c h- d i a m ete r by 17.250 0 - inch-long bores (47.6 by 438.0 mm) in hardened 17-4 PH and Hastelloy G30 parts with 3.250-inch- diameter holes that are 20.187 inches deep (82.5 by 512.7 mm). And the company has not limited its use of Silent Tools to turning—it also has started using an adapter from the line on its milling operations. It recently used the adapter on a milling cutter with a 16-inch overhang to machine an A36 plate component. According to Mr. Shahinian's son Raf fi Shahinian, chief operating of ficer, there was no cutting chatter, and the cycle time was reduced by half compared to using the previous S&K takes on many jobs that require complex boring and milling operations, such as manufacturing this component with thin walls and interrupted cuts.

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