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NOV 2017

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132 MMS November 2017 TOOLING AND WORKHOLDING with identical or nearly-identical diameters cross- ing each other, bores which merge into one another, and crossing bores with offset centers. The Main Bore Tool deburrs cross bores that leave sharp edges, which is ideal for a central bore where several cross bores of various diameters lead in from different angles. It enables several cross bores to be machined right at the burr base. The Cross Bore Deburring Tool was developed to deburr oil bores by penetrating the cross bore and deburring the bore intersection in a process- safe manner. In addition to the classic crankshaft oil bore, it is suitable for complex intersecting bores and through-holes with interrupted surfaces. Heule Tool Corp., call 800-213-4341 or visit SMALL, SCREW-DOWN CLAMP FOR VARIOUS TABLES, FIXTURES The Kurt MiniLock is a small, low-profile screw- down clamp designed as a cost-effective, easy- to-use option for rigidly clamping components on machine tables, fixture plates, tombstones and trunnion fixtures. The versatility of the clamp is said to enable machinists to plan the parts to be machined, the quantity of production runs and the specific machining center to be used, maxi- mizing resources and eliminating dysfunctional workholding setups that deter productivity. The clamp is operated with a quarter turn to the screw. The clamp jaw of the MiniLock expands to engage the part and is forced both laterally and down, clamping the part and preventing it from

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