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160 MMS November 2017 FABTECH 2017 November 6 - 9 WELDING ACCESSORIES ENABLE EASY PAR AMETER CHANGES MILLER ELECTRIC MFG. CO., BOOTH B19037 Miller Electric Mfg. Co.'s ArcReach products are designed to enable operators to change param- ete rs at the we ld joint using the wire fe e de r or remote (without a control cord), improving productivity, safety and quality. Available prod- u c ts i n c lu d e p owe r s o u rc e s, e n g i n e d r i ve s, feeders and remotes, providing fleet compatibil- ity and flexibility. T h e c o m pa ny's X M T 350 Fi e ld Pro p owe r source is compatible with all ArcReach acces- sories to deliver remote control capabilities for stick, MIG, TIG, f lux-cored, pulsed MIG and regulated metal deposition welding processes for jobsite flexibility. It is ideal for infrastructure, construction and ship applications. A Member of the BIG DAISHOWA Group As hole depth increases, circular interpolating with a milling cutter is a drain on cycle time. The rugged design of the BIG KAISER Series 319 SW twin cutter boring head set for stepped cutting permits extreme stock removal that simply can't be challenged. Don't believe us? Test the BIG KAISER 319 SW head in your shop to see the proof. THE FASTEST WAY TO PREP A HOLE FOR FINISH BORING AND WE'LL PROVE IT. A Member of the BIG DAISHOWA Group THE FASTEST WAY TO PREP A HOLE 3 MILLING 2" Face Mill, 5 Flute Feed/Tooth: 005" ROUGH BORING 4" 319 SW, Step Cutting Feed/Tooth: .014" 6 9 12 15 140 120 100 80 60 40 20 0 BORE DEPTH (IN) CUTTING TIME (MIN. PER HOLE) MILLING BORING CUTTING TIME COMPARISON MATERIAL: 4140 STEEL STARTING HOLE: 3" FINAL HOLE: 4" Visit to request your 319 SW no-risk trial. N e w c a b l e l e n g t h c o m p e n s a t i o n ( C LC ) and adjust while welding (AW W ) technologies are available by pairing ArcReach accessories w i t h t h e X M T 3 5 0 F i e l d P r o p o w e r s o u r c e . T h e s e c a p a b i l i t i e s p r ov i d e t i m e s av i n g s to help lower labor costs, improve productivit y and safet y, and provide operators with more control over welding parameters. According to th e c o m p a ny, C LC te c h n o l o g y e n s u re s th e v o l t a g e t h a t w e l d i n g o p e r a to r s s e t a t t h e power source is the voltage they get at the weld, even hundreds of feet away. AWW technology enables precise adjustments and parameter changes at the wire feeder or remote without stopping the arc. Miller Electric Mfg. Co., call 80 0 - 426- 4553 or visit miller 3D PRINTER'S CARBON FIBER-FILLED NYLON PRODUCES STRONGER PARTS MARKFORGED, BOOTH B305 Markforged's X3 3D printer uses Onyx, a high-

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