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NOV 2017

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Page 163 of 196 November 2017 MMS 161 FABTECH 2017 November 6 - 9 TIPS The turn-mill machine does not have to turn Lathes with milling and drilling capability can be the most efficient choice for some parts that do not even require any turning. See an example in the article "Turning is Optional." Find a link to the article at the URL listed below. temperature capable, carbon fiber-filled nylon, t o p r i n t e n g i n e e r i n g - g r a d e t h e r m o p l a s t i c fiber parts. The company's X5 printer adds the ability to reinforce an Onyx part with a strand of continu- ous fiberglass, making it stronger and stiffer than traditional plastics, the company says. T h e X 7, p rev iou s l y k now n a s th e M a r k X , re ma ins the c ompa ny's f lags hip c ontinuous c a r b o n f i b e r i n d u s t r i a l p r i n t e r p l a t f o r m , yielding par ts many times stronger than ABS. I t h a s i n - p a r t l a s e r i n s p e c t i o n f o r r e l i a b l e quality control. A ll M a r k forg e d pr inte r s s ha re a sof t wa re e c osyste m bu il t o n a c lou d-ba se d p l at fo r m designed to protect intellectual property. Markforged, call 617-666-1935 or visit Can't wait? We'll come to you - book a free demo now and see how UR cobots can handle your welding and fabricating tasks: Meet Your Welding Cobot Colleague Expensive welding robot cells have met their match Low-volume/high-mix fabrication shops finally have an option to large, expensive robotic welding cells. Cobot-assisted welding systems put a flexible, cost-effective UR cobot into your existing manual welding booth. No programming experience? No problem! Program in minutes with intuitive teach pendant. VISIT US AT FABTECH BOOTH B-25094

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