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NOV 2017

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Page 171 of 196 November 2017 MMS 169 MODERN EQUIPMENT REVIEW Spotlight: Robots & Automation r e m o te l y, r e d u c i n g t h e n e e d f o r s i te v i s i t s for commissioning. Mitsubishi Electric Automation Inc., call 800-950-7781 or visit SYSTEM PAIRS MULTIPLE MACHINES WITH PALLET STOCKER Mazak has developed the Mazatec SMS (Smart Manufacturing System) enabling unattended, lights-out manufacturing and high output, as well as Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) connectiv- it y. T he syste m pa ir s multiple Mazak HMCs a n d /o r m u l t i t a s k i n g machines with a Muratec ve r ti c a l s to c ke r-t y p e system that has pallets, a material bucket and h i g h - s p e e d s t o c k e r crane. The system can have as many as 150 sto c ke r s (in dif fe re nt sizes) in a six-level con- f iguration, which can increase space efficiency by as much as 67 per- cent, the company says. T h e s y s t e m u s e s Mazak's SmartBox IIoT technology and Smooth PMC production man- agement software, along w i th M u rate c's au to - mated system control to connect and synchro- nize with a customer's ERP or material require- ments planning host and MES execution systems. T he se fe ature s make the system a smart fac- tory solution for process control, monitoring and optimization to produce a variety of workpieces, even small lot sizes, with efficiency. Mazatec SMS can incorporate various sizes and types of machine tools into the same auto- mated manufacturing system via the stocker system, as well as accommodate different-size machine tool pallets, as does the system's single stocker crane. Mazak Corp., call 800-231-1456 or visit New Hydraulic Steady Rests. Only from . s !UTOMATICLUBRICATIONWITH internal metering valves s )NTERNALLYPRESSURIZEDUNIT PROTECTSAGAINSTHIGH PRESSURECOOLANTlNE CHIPSORGRIT s 4HRUARMCOOLANTTOmUSH CHIPSFROMTHEWORKHOLDINGAREA s %NGINEERINGANDTECHNICAL PERSONNELTOHANDLEALL ASPECTSOFMACHINEINTERFACE and installation &!#% $2)6%23 #%.4%23 s 0/7%2 #(5#+3 #9,).$%23 s 30%#)!,49 7/2+(/,$).' (9$2!5,)#-!.5!,34%!$92%343s7(%%,-!#().).'4%34).'%15)0-%.4s-!.5!,#(5#+3 Get the whole story @

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