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NOV 2017

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172 MMS November 2017 MODERN EQUIPMENT REVIEW downtime and increasing turnaround with high piece volumes. Because of this, the grinding machine achieves an availability level of more than 96 percent and an extended tool service life, the company says. Its cooling system enables the grinding wheels to work precisely and consistently for up to six months or a production volume of 300,000 pieces. Grinding instead of turning also improves the dimensional accuracy and sur face qualit y of workpieces, and guarantees burr-free par ts. Grinding machines also do not create chip impres- sions. The machine's two-profile grinding wheels require no dressing. The flushing system prevents particles from being deposited on the grinding wheels, eliminating the need for reworking, reduc- ing the production time, and eliminating the need for surface grinding or polishing. The machine grinds materials including high-alloy tough steels, hardened materials and ceramics. CBN or diamond can be used as abrasives. The company can adapt the machine for the needs of each customer, eliminating the need for test runs, and its quick and simple setup keeps with the principle of plug-and-play. Erwin Junker Machinery Inc., call 49 783884330 or visit MIST COLLECTOR AVAILABLE WITH REMOTE TOUCHSCREEN CONTROLLER The Industrial Gas Filtration and Generation Divi- sion of Parker Hannifin has launched the Smog- Hog SHM machine mount (MM) media mist col- lector designed for direct-mounted systems. It collects coolant mists from processes such as CNC machining, cold forming, sawing, turning, stamping and more. The unit is available in two base models rated at 500 cfm and 800 cfm to handle various machine sizes and applications. Both models feature the company's Peach satu- rated depth coalescing m e d i a f i l t e r d e s i g n , a three-stage process that progressively reduces the 800.525.3536 Flat lift rating of 220 to 4,400 lbs. MAGNETS Booth A3188 See Master Magnetics at WORK

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