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NOV 2017

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Page 177 of 196 November 2017 MMS 175 MODERN EQUIPMENT REVIEW ways pump lube dire ctly to the high-qualit y bearings. Other components include Hi-Win b a l l s c r e w s, a B i j u r l u b r i c a t i n g s y s te m a n d Grundfos. The German casting design gives the machine a firm, rigid structure. The 40-taper VMC can machine aluminum, cast iron, stainless steel, Inconel and titanium to quality surface finish. The 50-taper version, w ith its ZF t wo -spe e d ge a r box, c a n re duc e c yc l e ti m e s a n d i m p rove f i n i s h e s fo r u s e r s machining titanium. The machine has a maximum rapid feed rate of 1,250 ipm and a cutting feed rate of 787 ipm. The through-spindle coolant enables increased speeds while maintaining good finish, and deeper roughing passes reduce cycle time. SMTCL USA Inc., call 626-667-1192 or visit It's easy to say your tooling solves problems . It's harder to prove it. We prove it every day. 16 E. Piper Lane Prospect Heights, IL 847-749-0633 Stuck on a tough tooling challenge? Let us help. Heimatec isn't just a world leader in live tools, angle heads and multi-spindle drill heads; we're your source for problem solving and tooling application expertise. With years of hands-on experience and the most innovative tooling, we are your TOTAL solution source. Put us to the test and send us your toughest tooling challenge. With authorized distributors in place world-wide, good advice, technical information, and personal service are just a click away. Visit our website to request the name of a distributor near you. ISO 9001:2008 certified Your Next Stop for the Latest Abrasive Blasting Solutions Integrated robotic technology Programmable manipulation for multiple nozzles Pick & place and vision system capability Ideal for parts with complex geometries TURNING SOLUTIONS for swiss-style cnc's

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