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180 MMS November 2017 MODERN EQUIPMENT REVIEW general machining and automotive industries. The X, Y and Z linear axes along with the A- and B- trunnion-mounted, rotary-table axes enable five-sided machining and simultaneous five-axis machining. Alternatively, the machines may be equipped with a lift-and-rotate pallet changer for five-sided serial production. The system works with standardized pallet automation solutions from Fastems and Schuler. The HMCs provide the possibility of multiple clampings of very large components. T h e m ac h in e s a re equipped with Siemens c o n t r o l s , a d o u b l e - pivoting main operator panel with a 24" touch- screen and an easy-to- operate user interface. The NC toolchanger is equipped with t wo NC axes for short idle times and consistent operation. The chain- t y p e t o o l m a g a z i n e capacities for the HSK63 are 54, 80 and 160; for the HSK100 they are 50, 100 and 150. T he SC63 Spe e d- C u t t i n g u n i t (18 ,0 0 0 rpm, 100 Nm) equipped with an HSK-A 63 spin- dle taper is standard. Also available are the PC63 PowerCutting unit (12,000 rpm, 201 Nm), e q u i p p e d w i t h a n HSK-A 63 spindle taper, and the SC100 Speed- Cut ting (12,0 0 0 rpm, 201 N m) a n d P C10 0 PowerCutting (10,000 r p m , 3 5 4 N m ) w i t h H S K- A 10 0 s p i n d l e t a p e r. T h e H F350 0's 8 , 0 0 0 - N m a n d t h e HF5500's 10,000-Nm f e e d f o r c e s h a n d l e Founded in 1954, Enfl o is one of the largest, privately owned manufacturers of PTFE (Polytetrafl uoroethylene) basic shapes (including sheet, rod, and tube) in North America. Enfl o is a leading solutions provider for industrial sectors where the stringent technical properties of Virgin PTFE and Filled PTFE materials are critical. Enfl o's complete line of Enfl on ® brand PTFE fi lled products boast excellent performance, enhanced chemical and thermal resistance, plus improved stability, durability and strength. For more information or a free quote, visit us online at www.enfl or call (860) 589-0014 (US customers), (506) 473-3711 (Canadian and International customers), or reach us toll-free at (888) 887-4093. Perfect for: • Valves • Linings • Gaskets • Slide plates • Pump interiors • Plain bearings • Washers • Spacers • O-rings • Gears • Seals ... and many other industrial components. © 2017 Enfl o LLC. All rights reserved. PTFE HIGH PERFORMANCE FIVE-A XIS HMCS PERFORM COMPLEX PRISMATIC MACHINING Heller Machine Tools introduces its HF series of five-axis horizontal machining centers for com- plex prismatic parts. The 800-kg table load limit can accommodate light and heavy workpieces. Av a i l a b l e i n s i z e s o f 9 0 0 × 9 5 0 × 9 0 0 m m (HF 5500 ) and 710 × 750 × 710 mm (HF 3500), the machines are said to be well suited for the

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