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NOV 2017

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38 MMS November 2017 DECIDING FACTORS A Focus on Data-Driven Manufacturing machine tools. Here are a few examples of how an IIoT platform benefits these companies: Data handling. A single CNC machine tool generates thousands of signals a second, rep- resenting every action of its processors and the electromechanical components they control. All of these signals could be captured, codified and sent over the internet. An IIoT platform would manage the flow of this data and provide data- bases specifically configured for this type of data so it can be stored and retrieved ef f icie ntly, enabling every connected device to stream data for analysis. Protecting the security and privacy of data is another function the platform provides. Special applications. An IIoT platform can host applications tailored to the needs of specific g r o u p s o f u s e r s , s u c h a s s h o p s w i t h C N C machines. For example, Siemens' MindSphere applic ation, Manage MyMachine s, monitors machine status and helps improve maintenance. Because this application is intended to bring in data from machines with controls other than its ow n, th e c o m p a ny p rov i d e s s of t wa re to o l s developers can employ to streamline interoper- abilit y. One tool for this might be a librar y of adapters or translators easily modified for almost any brand, vintage or type of machine control. Computing power. The potential to garner insights from masses of machine-generated data is barely being realized. This is the realm of Big Data: the abilit y to f ind signif icant tre nds or emerging patterns detectable only by rapidly scanning many millions of data items. An IIoT platform can bring to bear the processing capa- bility necessary to handle tasks at this level. For example, this capability is required to link process monitoring and condition diagnostics across a large number of machine tools and machine components. Predictive maintenance, process optimization, part traceability and com- prehensive lifecycle management become more powerful as a result.

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