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NOV 2017

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46 MMS November 2017 THE VIEW FROM MY SHOP Guest Columnist leadership skills. I started slow. I did not want to make the mistake of putting this person in a new positon without enough instruction and direction. I first put him in charge of new machining proj- ects, then various machining areas, next depart- ments, and finally the entire plant and all operations. I instructed him along the way as my father and grandfather had me. With each role, I'd explain in great detail not only how things were done, but also why they were done that way. I made sure to cover the "people" side of things as well, remem- bering that technical skills don't always translate into leadership skills. Over the years, this employee and I both gained confidence in his ability to manage people and make decisions. The fact that I was mentoring and working closely with him gave him credibility and prompted others to see him as a source for answers and problem-solving long before any formal announcement was made about his position. He now has the title Operations Man- ager, and I trust him to speak on my behalf on just about all matters. No longer do I need to make every decision or resolve every problem on the shop floor. All stakeholders know there is someone who else provides continuity in my absence. While this journey will never be perfect, I remain committed to building a company that can succeed and endure without my constant attention, be that for a day, a week or a month. Both the operations manager and I are comfortable in our roles: mine as an owner of a business and his as someone who runs a business. We have daily/weekly mea- sures in place that ensure I never lose touch with day-to-day operations while maintaining the "brain space" to work on the five goals I stated earlier. Feeling irreplaceable at work may feed your ego, but your family, employees, suppliers and custom- ers will appreciate the fact that you are not. Founded in 1952 as a small machine shop, Marini Manufacturing has grown into a modern provider of precision-machined components and assemblies. More at Shrinking Technology HAIMER Power Clamp Shrink Fit Machine Reliable tool changes – Fastest in the Galaxy. Measuring and Presetting Technology Balancing Technology Tooling Technology Precision with 100% repeatability Fast tool changes – less than 5 seconds Easy to use – tool changes at the touch of a button Versatility – compatible with any shrink fit holder 40 Years Quality

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