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NOV 2017

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64 MMS November 2017 QUALITY GAGING TIPS Columnist in damaged components and crunched fingers. At minimum, there should be a locking ring on the post. A better approach is a rack-and-pinion drive, which makes it much easier to position the arm, especially if it's heavy, and even these should be equipped with their own locking mechanisms so that the weight of the arm does not constantly rest on the drive screw. In some cases, the "post" may be a dovetail slide, which eliminates rotation of the arm in the horizontal plane. This can make setup easier when the anvil remains the same, but the arm must be raised or lowered to measure parts of different lengths. When it comes to the arm, shorter is better to minimize flexing, although a longer arm may be needed for larger parts. A fine height-adjustment screw is a valuable feature for accurate position- ing of the indicator relative to the part. Also, look for a good locking device that clamps the post to the arm across a broad surface rather than at a single point, as this could allow the arm to pivot up and down. An axial swiveling feature is available with some arms for special positioning needs. Now that you have selected the stand with the best size and mass for the part dimension to be measured and made sure that it has all the features for fast reliable measurements, it's time to think about the interface to the user: the readout device. This is a topic for another column, but it is safe to say that this is also a critical component for ease of use and proper results. The bench comparator stand is often thought of as the universal gage when parts can be brought to it. Taking into account the proper features of the stand for the application can make a universe of difference in the type of results obtained. With a little upfront work and by asking the right questions, you will end up with faster, easier, more accurate measurements, and spend less time on repairs and adjustments. Renishaw Inc West Dundee, IL RenAM 500M, for a new era of metal additive manufacturing For more information visit Renishaw's new metal powder bed fusion additive manufacturing system for industrial production, RenAM 500M, features increased emphasis on automation and reduced operator intervention. The system is the first to be designed and manufactured in-house by Renishaw, applying over 40 years of cross-sector engineering excellence that spans electrical, mechanical and optical technologies.

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