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NOV 2017

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72 MMS November 2017 ADDITIVE INSIGHTS Understanding Industrial 3D Printing simulation of components and builds, and evalu- ation of dimensional measurements through vari- ous stages of postprocessing (such as before and after heat treatment, and part removal). You often don't get to the see the before and af ter shots of an AM par t, but I have included images of the parts on the build plate (Figure 1) and of the link "as built" (Figure 2). These images should help you better appreciate the complexity of the build (multiple links, fittings, witness coupons and other test specimens on a single plate), the amount of powder that needs to be removed, and the extent of the machining and finishing that needs to occur to create an exact replica of the original, traditionally built parts. (Those interested in reading more about the postprocessing and the testing that the AM parts underwent to ensure they were as good as the original can check out the recent paper by NAVAIR's J.M. Kasprzak, A.B. Lass and C.E. Miller titled "Development, Test, and Evaluation of Additively Manufactured Flight Critical Aircraft Components.") So an additively built part can be as strong as a conventionally built part. But why choose AM? In this case, it was not about cost or performance so much as validation that an AM part could be approved as a direct replacement for a convention- ally made part for flight demonstration—a first for the Navy. Given that, the potential benefit is speed, as AM shows promise in providing the ability to source parts quicker or make replacement parts in the field instead of waiting for them to be deliv- ered. In this way, AM can improve logistics by providing spares and repairs more quickly than with a direct part replacement. Finally, I want to express how incredibly proud we are of the work performed by Ted and his team, which spanned about 18 months. As you can imagine, it was a very stressful project, and I often joke that, while I'm glad CIMP-3D was involved, I'm also glad that I wasn't on Ted's team. My team and I were working on a much less stressful proj- ect with a broader timeline to improve the design of a piston crown. More on that next month. Features n 2 GB memory included n No CNC software or Hardware upgrade required n Tape input for loading files into CNC memory n Punch files from CNC memory n Run large files from memory device, DNC (drip feed) n Mid-tape start with search function n No special PC software required Use standard FTP protocol n Files stored at CNC protects against network outages n Low cost wireless option available * Optional pendant mount user interface not included * Custom protocol versions may be higher 818 357 5826 Fanuc, Mazak, Fadal, Haas, Mitsubishi, Siemens, Brother, Yasnac… Requirements: • Available serial connector • Punch/Read tape and DNC functions on CNC control Smart phone or tablet interface

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