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DEC 2017

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BETTER PRODUCTION Shops Using Technology 104 MMS December 2017 Contingents from both Brea and SAUSD schools were larger in 2017 than 2015, with 80 technical stu d e nts h a iling f ro m SAUSD's S e g e r stro m High alone. Of course, the existence of local technical programs like SAUSD's is a contributing factor in its own right, but this hasn't diminished the need for action on the shop's part. For instance, Mr. Finnie reportedly attended a recent school district meeting in Brea to engage officials who are trying to institute their own such program. There's also something to be said for putting ef fo r t i nto e n s u r i n g s tu d e nts t a ke a s m u c h knowledge and inspiration from their visit as possible. Beyond just carefully planning each stop of the toolmaking tour, M.R. Mold brought i n p e r s o n n e l f r o m m a t e r i a l s u p p l i e r R . D. Abbott (Cerritos, California) to provide a complete picture of how a par t move s f rom de sign to completion. At the shop's technical center, where customer molds are sampled, students were treated to a seven-minute PowerPoint presenta- tion, a close-up look at raw material (both silicone and plastic), and demonstrations of both pump- ing units and injection molding machines in action. BENEFITS FOR SHOP AND INDUSTRY The 2017 event also marked the start of something new. M.R. Mold has just begun conversations with various high schools that attended, includ- ing B re a O lind a Hig h, M c B r id e Hig h Sc ho o l in Long Beach, and Segerstrom High and other SAUSD schools, about a job-shadowing program to supplement the schools' individual technical education efforts. "Our initial thoughts are that no matter what area of our company the student may be interested in—programming, engineer- ing—we would have them shadow someone in t h e s h o p o r m o l d i n g a r e a t o u n d e r s t a n d the impact that position has on the rest of the b u s i n e s s ," M s . A n d e r s o n s a y s . Wo r k w i t h teachers and other school officials on this pro-

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