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DEC 2017

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124 MMS December 2017 SYSTEMS AND SOFTWARE For more information about systems and software, go to and in one or more linear machine axes caused by acceleration processes. These position devia- tions are caused by what is known as mechan- ical compliance within the machine. NoCo compensates for the dominant position deviation by initiating a corrective movement in the relevant machine axis for improved machining quality with higher jerk and acceleration values. Nodding compensation can be used in conjunc- tion with any technology, such as milling, tapping, laser machining or waterjet machining. NoCo is available in t wo variants: the Eco variant for dominant acceleration effects in which the com- pensation axis is combined with one influencing variable, or the Advanced variant, which manages several influencing variables. The software also comes with either Collision Avoidance Eco or Collision Avoidance Advanced. The Eco version provides simple, reliable machine protection by preventing collisions of the machine body with its own components in the work area. To achieve this effect in real time, the assemblies that need protection are calculated as simple geometric bodies. This collision monitoring system is available in all three operating modes. The company says the program can efficiently engineer and visualize the protected areas as a 3D image at the control interface. The Advanced variant includes full machine, tool and workpiece protec- tion. The ModuleWorks sof t ware runs via an interface on an external PC and works together with the CNC to continuously monitor and protect the machine, tool and workpiece during the stock removal process. The workpiece and tool data required is available to the system during setup. Siemens Industry Inc., call 800-879-8079 or visit HMI PROVIDES ON- AND OFF-SITE TOUCHSCREEN MONITORING Mitsubishi Electric Automation's GT25 Wide HMI is a human-machine interface that monitors a n d c o n t r o l s m a c h i n e c o m p o n e n t s w i t h a graphical touchscreen that connects to equipment such as programmable logic controllers (PLCs), VFDs and ser vos. It displays information on h i g h - re s o l u ti o n 7" o r 10" s c re e n s fo r c l e a r image quality. The HMI features remote connectivity through the GOT Mobile option, which provides remote access via web server functionality for production monitoring and system operation. It is designed to monitor controllers using web browsers on GPMI IS YOUR COMPLETE CONTRACT MANUFACTURING SOURCE FOR PRECISION STEEL, ALUMINUM, BRASS, BRONZE AND COMPOSITE PRODUCTS. 700 E. Soper Road | Bad Axe, MI 48413 989-623-4099 | |

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