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DEC 2017

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Page 131 of 140 December 2017 MMS 129 MODERN EQUIPMENT REVIEW Spotlight: EDM ranging from 0.1 to 3.0 mm (0.004" to 0.118"). Featuring a 10-micron extended-life filter, resistiv- ity sensor and Ion exchange resin, the machines are designed to provide smooth, reliable machin- ing over long periods of time. Absolute Machine Tools Inc. - Headquarters, call 800-852-7825 or visit WIRE EDM CAM SYSTEM RECOGNIZES MACHINABLE FEATURES DP Technology's Esprit wire EDM CAM software is designed to address specific needs of this machining method. Its feature-based system automatically recognizes EDM-specific machin- able features, including die pockets, punch bosses and holes as well as open-profile and turning- profile features for machines with rotary tables. When a user creates an operation in the soft- ware, all rough, skim and tab cuts are created separately, enabling the programmer to change the order of cuts manually or automatically via a sorting function. The cuts remain under the con- trol of the original operation, so if a minor change is required, the programmer can change that single operation to automatically regenerate associated cuts. The program's parent /child relationship of fers flexibility and usability. The CAM system also enables users to combine mate- rial removal strategies and customize the order of cuts for efficient material removal. Belmont has almost six decades of experience in EDM. Our extensive industry knowledge can deliver the most efficient EDM manufacturing solutions to your challenges. The SY Series High Speed CNC EDM Drilling machines are the latest in a proven line of customizable small hole drills. Benefits of choosing Belmont: • Project design and engineering • Part program development • Installation and on-site operator training • Machines that are perfect for the aerospace industry, as well as production applications "Everything for EDM" Michigan :: North Carolina :: Massachusetts :: California :: Illinois Headquarters :: Phone 800.356.4811 ::

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