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DEC 2017

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Page 133 of 140 December 2017 MMS 131 MODERN EQUIPMENT REVIEW Spotlight: EDM correcting shifts of the Z reference position in real time, even as the taper angle changes. The taper angle is held to within 10 sec. on average. The machines feature collision protection in the X, Y, U, V and Z axes, even at maximum axis travel speeds of 3 m/min., and can be connected to shop management systems. Automation solutions, including automatic slug management and slug welding as well as a Renishaw probing system, are said to reduce processing time by as much as 20 percent in lights-out production environments. With more than 600 preprogrammed cutting processes, the machines tackle parts as large as 800 mm in height and 6,000 kg in weight. Wires are available in 0.1-, 0.15-, 0.2-, 0.25-, 0.3- and 0.33-mm diameters. GF Machining Solutions LLC, call 800-282-1336 or visit CAD/CAM MODULE AUTOMATES DIE-SINKING ELECTRODE DESIGN Open Mind Technologies' HyperCAD-S Electrode module for its HyperMill software automates the design and production of electrodes for die- sinking, enabling users to base their electrode designs on the face to be machined within the component geometr y, a l l w i t h o u t r e q u i r i n g special expertise. The NC programmer selects the faces that will be die-sunk, and the CAD software automatically extends the electrode faces as needed, selecting the blank and holder from a librar y. The module is suitable for solid a n d fac e m o d e ls, a n d th e g e o m etr y c a n b e selected via faces or contours. Any holes in the geometr y are filled automatically. The module also calculates the minimal rib distance, the blank's excess and the C-angle offset. The data, including spark gap, blank size, positional refer- ence and color areas, are automatically transferred to H y p e r M ill, w h e re th e u s e r c a n s e l e c t th e electrode and begin programming in a separate dialogue window. When the required information has be e n e nte re d, the syste m automatic ally generates a job list containing all the relevant parameters. Open Mind Technologies USA Inc., call 888-516-1232 or visit HIGH-COLUMN WIRE EDM MACHINES LARGE WORKPIECES Sodick has unveiled its VL600QH high-column wire EDM. With a 50 0 -mm Z-a xis stroke, the machine is de signed to accommodate large workpieces, making it ideal for large molds, as well as automotive and aerospace applications. It includes the company's SuperJet automatic wire threader with pop-up search functionality, which enables unattended machining and improves multi-hole threading as well as the threading of curved surfaces. This larger machine also offers three-pass fine finishing technology. Sodick Inc., call 847-310-9000 or visit TURNING SOLUTIONS for swiss-style cnc's

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