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DEC 2017

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42 MMS December 2017 THE VIEW FROM MY SHOP Guest Columnist occurring variation in machine positioning, tool wear and such, so it is imperative to eliminate the measurement variation, which should be low- hanging fruit. Inspection also must be swift, not only for productivity, but also so the inspector can operate more equipment and collect more data. More data via more parts sampled yields better control of inputs and better centering of the dimen- sion within the tolerance zone. Swift also means timely in terms of the information controlling inputs prior to more parts being produced. 8. If you are not making chips, you are not making money. Whether it is grinding, EDM, turning or another type of machining, the specific goal of the entire organization, from the reception- ist to the engineer, is to support operations so that the machine tools will be making chips. It is a simple concept, but there are times that people in the organization lose perspective on the tasks that truly generate the revenue. 9. O p e r a t e m u l t i p l e m a c h i n e s . S et a n expectation for engineers, programmers and machinists to automate and innovate workholding, tooling and metrology requirements to achieve unattended machining for as long as possible. This goal likely requires machine accessories for closed-loop machining. This expectation is nec- essary to win against competitors in economies with lower labor costs. 10. Push decisions to the lowest level. This advice is multi-faceted. You cannot have employees waiting for Oz behind the curtain to tell them what to do. For employees to develop and grow, they need to make decisions. Will they make mistakes? Sure. But their mistakes will be less costly than the apathy and delay resulting from waiting on a senior manager to make a decision. When employees must seek approval at every step, they cannot act with speed and are likely to not act at all. Continuous improvement requires a culture and awareness among employees that success is more than completing routine tasks using the same process as yesterday. Discussion of these 10 guiding principles is a good first step. Balancing Technology Measuring and Presetting Technology Shrinking Technology 40 Years Quality HAIMER Tool Dynamic Balancing Machine Highest balancing quality – Innovatively simple yet light years ahead. Longer cutting tool life Run your cutting tools faster Reduced machine spindle wear Better surface finish on your parts Tooling Technology

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