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DEC 2017

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54 MMS December 2017 SHOP TALK interconnection of machines is the basis of the future development of industrial processes, com- monly described as Industry 4.0, and Symmedia is a key player in factory digitalization. Symmedia was established in 1997. Today it employs 60 people and has equipped more than 15,000 machines in various industries worldwide with its sof tware. The company will continue to support and develop connectivity solutions for all types of machines and factory equipment. In addition, GF Machin- i n g S o l u t i o n s w i l l use Symmedia technol- o g y to a c c e l e r ate i ts digital transformation by of fe r i n g c o m p l ete s o l u t i o n s f o r f a c to r y connectivity in industrial environments. Symmedia will con- tinue to operate under its current management from its Bielefeld base. "This new par tner- ship will also allow us to speed up and widen the range of the digital solutions we offer to our customers," says Yves Se r ra, CEO of G e org Fische r, pare nt com- pany of GF Machining Solutions. P e te r B a r ko w s k y, cofounder and manag- ing director of Symme- dia adds, "As a member of the GF family we will be able to deepen the coope ration with our g l o b a l c u s t o m e r s but also to help GF to a c c e l e r a te i ts d i g i t a l transformation." GF Machining Solutions LLC, call 800-282-1336 or visit GF MACHINING SOLUTIONS TO ACQUIRE SYMMEDIA In line with its digitizing strategy, GF Machining Solutions will purchase 100 percent of the shares of Symmedia GmbH (Bielefeld, Germany). The privately owned company has been specializing in software for machine connectivity solutions for the past 20 years. G F M a c h i n i n g S o l u ti o n s s ays th e s e c u re

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