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DEC 2017

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60 MMS December 2017 QUALITY GAGING TIPS Columnist regular cleaning of indicating gages and bench comparators. If the system is an optical-based one, cleaning the optics and lenses is critical, especially when the instrument has been in stor- age for a while. As we often have noted in this column, dirt is the No. 1 enemy of accuracy. Dirt, dust, grit, chips, grease, scum and coolant will interfere with accuracy of optics, gage blocks, indicators and precision comparators. Clean all such instruments thoroughly at each use. Pay special attention to rust preventatives that may have been employed prior to storing the gage, as these can dry out over time and become virtu- ally invisible, yet they still represent a substantial coating if not removed. • Take the same steps to ensure the reliability of the master, whether it is a master disc, master ring, gage block or qualified part. Examine for nicks and scratches and the scars of rough han- dling. Ensure they also have been recently cali- brated and cer tified, and handle them as you would any critical and important standard. After all, they are designed to provide the basis for the precision measurement of the gage. • Double-check that the correct gage is being pulled for the application. Many gages look alike, but they each may have different characteristics based on the par t being measured. Does the gage have the correct contact, gaging force and location of measurement that is required for the part being measured? Finally, if you see a sudden shift in your process during the day, these same basic steps should be part of your troubleshooting routine. In a situ- ation such as this, don't automatically assume your gage is correct just because it has a calibra- tion sticker. Strange things do happen, and you will do well to investigate all possibilities, especially the ones that familiarity or habits can make us overlook. You wouldn't want the pilot of your flight to assume that a strange noise or sudden bump was acceptable. If something seems not quite right, take a step back and find out what's hap- pening and why. Renishaw Inc West Dundee, IL RenAM 500M, for a new era of metal additive manufacturing For more information visit Renishaw's new metal powder bed fusion additive manufacturing system for industrial production, RenAM 500M, features increased emphasis on automation and reduced operator intervention. The system is the first to be designed and manufactured in-house by Renishaw, applying over 40 years of cross-sector engineering excellence that spans electrical, mechanical and optical technologies.

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