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DEC 2017

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BETTER PRODUCTION Shops Using Technology December 2017 MMS 93 ees and a variety of machines, including six VMCs, two CNC lathes, three knee mills, and two turning centers with Y-axis and live-tooling capabilities. At first, its core market was the paper industry, and its second-largest customer is still Voith Paper, but its current primar y customer is an aerospace company. Until about two years ago, the shop had been using a 17-year-old combination lathe for much o f i t s b a s i c t u r n i n g work, but according to J B C V i c e P r e s i d e n t Aaron Harvey, the old lathe's electronics were b e c o m i n g u n re l i a b l e and it was having dif- f i c u l t y h o l d i n g to l e r- ances. Finding replace- m e n t s f o r b r o k e n components also was becoming more dif fi- c u l t. " I t w a s g e t t i n g tired," he says. So Mr. Harvey went t o t h e W i s c o n s i n M a c h i n e To o l s h o w looking to replace the aging machine with a new combination lathe. T h e r e , M i k e W e l l e r from distributor Weller Machinery introduced h i m t o t h e W e i l e r E50 lathe, which can f u n c t i o n a s b o t h a manual and a program- mable machine. "A lot of the opera- tions we do are manual operations," Mr. Harvey says. For example, on some of the large shafts the shop manufactures, operators will manually face of f one end and drill a center hole before writing the main pro- gram to machine the rest of the part. flex afford reli adapt cap profit work The large, enclosed cutting envelope of our Hybrid Mill® delivers the power, speed and performance you need for metal and advanced material cutting. The twin-table configuration allows pendulum operation – or electronically synchronize into one large table. Adding an additional spindle-head (optional) allows simultaneous machining and doubles output within the same footprint. Call today to learn more about this unique and flexible CNC platform. 120 Technology Drive • Troutman, NC 28166 | 704.508.7000 | © Copyright 2017, C.R. Onsrud Incorporated. All rights reserved. MMS - 12|2017 [ F148HM24 ] HYBRID MILL Get more info here about the Hybrid Mill® Are you getting enough ability from your current CNC machinery? Yet, the shop also needed the new lathe to enable operators to program entire jobs via a conversational programming interface. JBC uses GibbsCAM CAD/CAM software for offline program- ming of its other machines, but Mr. Harvey says that simple, two-axis lathe programming can take longer that way versus programming via the E50's Siemens 840D CNC with Weiler conversational programming software. This software includes a

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