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DEC 2017

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BETTER PRODUCTION Shops Using Technology 94 MMS December 2017 Visit or call 814.835.6000 Eriez COMAT SuperFiltration Systems provide a continuous flow of ultra-clean cutting oil necessary to meet exact tolerances on surface finishing. This type of filter supports over 20,000 grinders, sharpening, lapping and honing machines around the world. • Continuous filtration of cutting oils to 3 microns with cellulose pre-coat • Maintains a stable temperature • Remote access for real time monitoring and controls • Lowest cost of ownership of all high-end superfilters Superior Superfiltration of Cutting Oils SuperFiltration Systems C o n t i n u o u s s u p e r F i l t r A t i o n o F C u t t i n g o i l s u s e d i n g r i n d i n g , H o n i n g , s H A r p e n i n g A n d l A p p i n g FB-xxx Download all the details! Lifetime Filter Elements typically do not need to be replaced! variety of canned cycles to simplify programing for operations such as longitudinal and transverse machining, radius turning, taper turning, and thread cutting, he says. In fact, Mr. Harvey says the shop greatly ben- ef its from the E50's improved thread cut ting The machine's high spindle torque and Z-axis feed force enable the use of larger cutting tools, such as this 2-inch- diameter insert drill from Tungaloy. Previ- ously, the shop had to use a second machine to drill large holes, but all operations can now be done on the E50.

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