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DEC 2017

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BETTER PRODUCTION Shops Using Technology December 2017 MMS 95 capabilities. The old lathe couldn't quickly pick up a thread, and operators had to guess at posi- tioning the tool by tweaking the offset, sometimes putting blue marking dye on the thread to deter- mine where the tool was positioned by how the dye scratched off the thread. With the E50, an operator can pick up the pitch of a thread in the middle by dialing the tool so that it skins the sides of the thread, then defining the type of thread in the control and "teach- ing" th e m ac hin e th e position of the thread pitch. Mr. Harvey says the shop often uses this feature for thread repair. T h e n e we r l a t h e's t h r e a d c y c l e a l s o enables the operator to create a taper at the end of a thread to create a s t r o n g e r t r a n s i t i o n , whereas the previous mac hine brought the tool straight out of the cut, leaving behind a weak point that could cause threads to break off at the end. The new lathe also is said to hold tolerances tighter to DIN 8605 stan- dards, and this is espe- cially important for some of JBC's parts, such as winder mandrels that are used to make card- b o a r d t u b e s . T h e s e mandrels typically are 60 inches long with outer diameters ranging from 1 to 12 i n c h e s a n d a taper of 0.003 inch per foot. Operators use a steady rest and turn this taper in sections, then manually polish so the sections blend together. According to Mr. Harvey, the mandrels that came off the old machine needed a lot of polishing to get an accurate taper, but because the new machine's tolerances are tighter, polishing either takes less time or no longer is required. The 2,500-rpm E50 also provides spindle torque of 1,107 foot-pounds, which has enabled JBC to Weiler North America Corp., call 843-513-7205 or visit

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