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JAN 2018

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Aerospace Cutting Tools titanium were machined. During the final round of testing, Kennametal used a Haimer Safe-Lock shrink-fit holder and was able to run all of its tools in the exceeds category. With the traditional milling approach, less than 0.001 inch of tool wear was observed after one hour, with a surface finish of 23 micro- inches Ra. Within the high- velocity testing, tool wear measured less than 0.0014 inch and surface rough- ness was better than 27.5 microinches Ra. Perhaps most significantly, the Harvi tools permitted a 20-percent higher metal removal rate than others, because the design enables effective use of six f lutes while other end mills were limited to five. In the tools developed for this application, an already existing carbide grade proved effective: the company's KCSM15 Beyond grade. The new modifi- cations to this tooling that now exist in the Harvi III line relate to edge geometry, Mr. Mueller says. As for the aircraft manufacturer, the evaluation continues. Future tests will evaluate inserted tools. And even the determination related to solid carbide tools will not have an immediate impact, because in the aerospace sector, parts are frequently cer- tified and then locked against further manufac- turing-process change. But for new part programs developed from this point forward, the manufac- turer and its suppliers will have an ever-more- focused range of cutters from which to choose. The fact that the tool makes effective use of six flutes proved key. Other cutters in the testing had five flutes, reducing metal removal rates. | Kennametal Inc. 800-446-7738 | Quick Change Collet Chucks MicroCentric introduced Quick Change Collet Chucks to North America in 1986. We offer Dead Length and Pull Back designs for Bar and Chucking applications up to 160mm (6.3") capacity. Increased Flexibility and Productivity Change Chucks

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