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JAN 2018

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MODERN MACHINE SHOP 105 Automation I followed up throughout the years and thought that's where we needed to go one day," he says. A hurdle to this solution was that the cobot would need either a vision or a conveyor system to pick up raw parts from the VMC's table. Mr. Caughey was advised that this was a very difficult process, one that a dedicated "vision expert" should handle. However, in June 2016, Robotiq released the Plug + Play wrist camera exclusively for Universal Robots. This system allowed Mr. Caughey to check every box on his wish list. He purchased a UR10 cobot and mounted the wrist camera directly above its two-finger 140 gripper, enabling visual scanning with simplified robotic programming. To teach the cobot, Mr. Caughey says, "either you take your part and set it on the sur- face where you want to pick it, and you take four snapshots of it in four different orientations, or, if it's something simple like a rectangular or circular blank, you just set the dimensions of what you are picking, and (the cobot) knows." These simple techniques enable the cobot to be taught in about 10 minutes, he says, making a vision expert unnecessary. The next step is to place 15 to 20 of the same unmachined parts on a table within the cobot's field of view. The robot rotates over the table and takes a snapshot of the parts with the camera, then moves closer and takes a more detailed picture of a single part. After identifying the workpiece, the robot moves it into the CNC machine's vise and sends a signal to the machine tool to start. Since Walt Machine purchased its cobot (which employees named "Arthur"), productivity in the shop has greatly improved. Although the cobot doesn't directly improve cycle time, it does decrease the amount of time it takes to complete a job. Arthur works overnight, enabling the shop to machine twice as many parts every day. The company Arthur works overnight, enabling the shop to machine twice as many parts every day. Front and Back Hole Deburring in One Pass! E-Z Burr saves you time and money! Our patented design offers quick and easy blade change and adjustments while the tool is in the machine. View our complete list of products, sizes and capabilities at 100% USA made 844.363.0240 Livonia, MI

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