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JAN 2018

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BETTER PRODUCTION 106 Shops Using Technology MMS JANUARY 2018 has decreased machine idle time, and Arthur has freed up staff time spent placing workpieces. This delights Mr. Caughey, who says he had been ner- vous about leaving a robot to its own devices all night. "It's just about letting it go and accepting the fact that it's going to run for an extra four to six hours," he says. "You're going to go home and nothing's going to break." Employees' time now can be put to better use. Machinist Matthew Niemeyer learned how to pro- gram the cobot, allowing him to improve his pro- fessional skillset on the production floor. "You're still doing all the fine-tuning of it, such as the pro- gramming," he explains, "but the remedial tasks of loading and unloading the machine is taken care of for you, so you don't get worn out." As the cobot took over these remedial tasks, Mr. Niemeyer stepped into a new role as sales representative, The Robotiq wrist camera enables the Universal Robots cobot to identify workpieces without the need for a "vision expert." With the cobot's help, Walt Machine can produce its annual 6,000-piece order without having to hire and train a new employee for a short-term rise in production. Visit or call 814.835.6000 Eriez COMAT SuperFiltration Systems provide a continuous flow of ultra-clean cutting oil necessary to meet exact tolerances on surface finishing. This type of filter supports over 20,000 grinders, sharpening, lapping and honing machines around the world. • Continuous filtration of cutting oils to 3 microns with cellulose pre-coat • Maintains a stable temperature • Remote access for real time monitoring and controls • Lowest cost of ownership of all high-end superfilters Superior Superfiltration of Cutting Oils SuperFiltration Systems C o n t i n u o u s s u p e r F i l t r A t i o n o F C u t t i n g o i l s u s e d i n g r i n d i n g , H o n i n g , s H A r p e n i n g A n d l A p p i n g FB-xxx Download all the details! Lifetime Filter Elements typically do not need to be replaced!

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