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MMS JANUARY 2018 108 JEDD COLE | EDITOR | Tooling and Workholding Röhm Products of America's Power-Grip Zero Point clamping system is designed to fulfill industry demands for workholding with increased efficiency, ergonomics, weight reduction and convenience. The clamping system's palletizing and clamping capabilities are said to increase productivity, process reliability and preci- sion, and cut setup times by as much as 90 percent with one device and in single setups. The modular palletizing system is customizable to make the best use of a machine tool's work envelope. It can also increase output because it enables work- pieces to be positioned and clamped on the pallet outside the machine tool while it continues to work. | Röhm Products of America 770-963-8440 | High-Adhesion Turning Grades Improve Peeling Resistance Sumitomo Electric Carbide is releasing the AC4010K and AC4015K turning grades for cast iron designed to promote longer, stable tool life. Having been treated for a smooth cutting edge, the system uses high-adhesion technology to improve peeling resistance. Additionally, crystal orien- tation control enables improved wear resistance during high-speed machining. The residual stress control tech- nology of the series further contributes to wear resistance. Recommended for the precision cutting of gray cast iron, the extra-thick coating of the AC4010K grade enables ultra-high-speed machining (vc = 2,300 sfm). Its surface treatment improves compressive stress and chipping resistance. Its range of applications includes cast iron brake discs and flywheels as well as ductile iron gear cases. Recommended for the general purpose cutting of ductile cast iron, the high-adhesion and high-strength Clamping System, Vises Increase Efficiency, Convenience coating of the AC4015K grade provides longer and stable tool life. Chipbreaker selection includes the EGU for low- rigidity work, the ENZ for general finishing, the EGZ for extra cutting edge strength and the EME for strong, sharp, high-feed cutting. | Sumitomo Electric Carbide Inc. 800-950-5202 |

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