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JAN 2018

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TOOLING AND WORKHOLDING MMS JANUARY 2018 112 Big Kaiser is introducing the R-Cutter CKB Type, a modular round chamfering tool. The tool is an ultra-high feed front and back radius chamfering mill, featuring high rake angles that reduce cutting resistance and minimize burr generation. It offers an insert geometry which improves sharpness. The tool is offered in a four-insert design to cut in tight spaces and attain higher feed rates. The connection is equipped with a floating drive pin that engages on both sides into respective pockets in the mating part. The tapers on the pins and the angles on the pockets are engineered to automatically balance the two resulting torsional forces. Additionally, the connection allows for an array of standard shanks and extensions to be adapted with the heads to create "custom" tools to extend over 16", maintaining damp- ing near the cutting edge and managing vibration in long-overhang setups. | Big Kaiser Precision Tooling Inc. 847-228-7660 | Grooving, Parting Inserts Ensure Reliable Handling The Walter Cut MX grooving and parting tool is said to improve accuracy, stability and process reliability. The indexable inserts boast four cutting edges each. Inserts are offered in three different geometry types (GD8, CF5 Chamfering Tool Reduces Cutting Resistance, Burr Generation and RF5) and with Tiger-tec Silver PVD coating. The self-aligning, tangential clamping of the MX system and the dowel pin location in its insert seat result in greater repeatability, stability and process reliability. Unlike comparable systems, it is impossible to fit the inserts incorrectly, according to the company, which makes handling reliable. Walter Cut MX geometries offer good chip control, particularly the CF5 sintered geometry. The inserts themselves have four precision-ground cutting edges. Cutting depths of up to 6 mm and cutting widths from 0.8 to 3.25 mm are possible in the standard range. Due to the extremely precise center height and the cutting edges, the system is ideal for precision grooves, circlip grooves and small diameters. This makes the tool particularly advantageous for small parts manufac- turers with high accuracy requirements. Only one type of cutting insert is required for both the left- and the right-hand toolholders. Furthermore, if one cutting edge breaks, users can continue working with the rest. Walter USA Inc. | 262-347-2400 |

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