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JAN 2018

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TOOLING AND WORKHOLDING Modern Machine Shop 115 CALL: 586-771-2050 FAX: 586-771-2062 EMAIL: SUPPORT@KEOCUTERS.COM A m e r i c a n M a n u f a c t u r i n g , S e r v i n g t h e W o r l d Controx milling cutters are designed for the grooving of rotary vane, turbo pump rotors and other rotors requiring precision depth and width control. Slots as wide as 0.625" and with depths ranging to 3" are possible with or without contour in the slot base. Process-oriented choice of cutting material (special fine and ultrafine solid carbide grades, high-speed steel grades) and a selection of surface treatments (coating, edge preparation) promote long service life. A special coating is designed to extend service life for aluminum. Adjusting the clamping surfaces and drive geometries to the toolholder provides safe and stable tool clamping. Individual resharpenable tooth designs enable increased speed, reducing machining time and improving sur- face quality. A special side clear- ance design on the milling cutters for turbo pump rotors enables use on five-axis machines. The milling cutters are also available as balanced cutters, well suited for grooving the rotors of turbo pumps, rotary vane pumps and other pre- cision grooving applications. | Controx Neuhauser 800-558-8966 Milling Cutters Groove Rotors with Precision

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