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TOOLING AND WORKHOLDING MMS JANUARY 2018 116 Steady Rests for Grinding Camshafts, Crankshafts Kitagawa-NorthTech is releasing the fully-retracting KRGU and GHS grinder steady rests, suitable for camshafts, crankshafts and other cylindrical applications where accuracy and repeatability are essential. The two models are designed for turnkey installation. The KRGU series is specially designed to accommodate the maximum eccentric throw and journal diameter of crankshafts. Custom designs are available to accommo- date automated loading, and the systems are available in standard gripping diameters ranging from 2.75" to 7.5" (70 to 190 mm). The GHS series is for standard and automated grinding applications, such as cylindri- cal grinding, camshaft grinding, camlobe grinding and more. It is available in standard gripping diameters ranging from 0.394" to 4.724" (10 to 120 mm). Key features of both series include a retractable body using guideways; vertical load functionality; three-point, finely-adjustable centering capability; and modular, regrindable carbide or relappable PCD work pads. | Kitagawa-NorthTech Inc. | 800-222-4138 | Step Drill Chamfers, Drills in One Operation, Saving Time Emuge's EF step drill is a high-penetration-rate solid carbide drill that can chamfer and drill in one operation, saving time. It also provides a more accu- rate hole-to-chamfer location and improves hole preparation for tapping or thread milling. The tools feature a double-margin design on the minor diame- ter for round threaded hole size. Web construction is adjusted for each diam- eter to improve chip evacuation efficiency. The EF step drill stock program includes a range of sizes from 2.8- to 15.5-mm minor diameter, UNC/UNF (No. 6-32, 0.625" to 11"), M/MF (M3 to M18) and a full range of sizes in 2×D and 3.5×D lengths. Tools have a coolant-through, four-margin design with TiAIN-T14 coating. They can cut a range of materials and are available in cut or form thread diameters. | Emuge Corp. | 800-323-3013 | says. The cutting edge geometry is designed to create stability and a large clearance in the center. The taper's tip angle is also designed to reduce cutting pressure for optimal chip flow and controlled chip breaking. A matching NC spotting drill is designed to pre- cisely perform deep drilling. The self-centering capa- bility enables targeted spot drilling even on critical and uneven surfaces. The point geometry is optimally matched to the geometry of the company's Feed drill with a point angle of 155 degrees. These products offer up to 50 percent more feed per rotation, according to the company. | Hoffmann Group USA 844-448-7725 | Hoffmann Group USA has expanded its Garant MasterSteel solid carbide drill product series with the three-edged, solid carbide drill and matching three-edged NC spotting drill, including 8×D and 12×D variants. The drills address chip removal challenges of three- edged drills and promote high feed rates, the company Three-Edged Drills Address Chip Removal Concerns

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