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JAN 2018

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SYSTEMS AND SOFTWARE MMS JANUARY 2018 130 ? CAM Strategy for Turning Method Provides Process Reliability Vandurit has developed a RollFeed turning method that is complemented by a HyperMill CAM strategy from Open Mind. This collaborative CNC turning solution pro- vides process reliability and reduced machining times and tool wear, according to the company. As a three-axis machining strategy, RollFeed turning enables the entire contour of the tool's cutting edge to roll off rotationally symmetrical surfaces of any shape. The cutting movement is produced by a horizontal swiveling of the B axis with simultaneous compensation for the X and Z axes. Grooves can be machined with a single tool in a single movement using this method. The CAM strategy automatically guides the tool from the first to the second plane surface via the cylinder face. Because of the combination of roll and turn movements, workpieces with large radii can be machined with collision checking for full pro- cess reliability. | Open Mind Technologies USA Inc. 888-516-1232 Software Digitizes Inspection Process Radix has released its InspectTracker vision inspection technology. The software enables users to digitize the inspection process for complex part surfaces. Almost hands-free, the software identifies defects and maps the complex part surface as the operator moves from defect to defect with the stylus. It uses voice commands to identify defect type, which is trans- lated to a completely digital record of inspection data. Vision algorithms precisely locate data points, mapping them on a virtual part model. The application is designed for ease and speed of use, allowing the inspector to focus on the quality assessment. Features include statistical part analysis and defect reporting. It shows part inspection time, cost to repair, user statistics and failure mode frequency with heat mapping, part analysis and traceability. | Radix 519-737-1012 |

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