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JAN 2018

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SYSTEMS AND SOFTWARE MMS JANUARY 2018 134 CNC Software Inc. has partnered with Kennametal to enable users to import tool assemblies from Novo to Mastercam 2018, saving them time when searching for tools and giving them the ability to build 3D tool assem- blies that can be brought directly into the CAM program. Features such as automated filtering ensure that the selected holders and tools can work together for the job. The program helps ensure correct tooling for the mate- rial and machining operation, and the 3D model can also be used for visualization and collision checking. Users can bring in Kennametal tool assemblies, validate them, and save them in the CAM file and tool library. Toolpath algorithms use the program's tool defini- tions to provide safe and efficient motion. In addition, Imported Tool Assemblies Save Time in CAM Programming the models imported from Novo help generate accurate in-process stock models that can be leveraged in subse- quent operations. These models can help catch program- ming errors during verification and simulation, before the program gets to the machine tool. | Kennametal Inc. 800-446-7738 | | Mastercam - CNC Software Inc. 860-875-5006 |

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