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JAN 2018

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MMS JANUARY 2018 136 JEDD COLE | EDITOR | Modern Equipment Review Coolant and Chip Management SPOTLIGHT Sump Cleaners Minimize Machine Tool Downtime Eriez HydroFlow sump cleaners are designed to provide effective, thorough and quick machine cleaning to maintain plant productivity and minimize machine tool downtime. The range of sump cleaners includes drum-top cleaners and reversible liquid vacuums. The heavy-duty industrial wet/dry vacuum filtration units clean many machine tool sumps, tanks and pits. The company's drum-top sump cleaner is a vacuum unit that converts an existing open-top drum into a machine tool sump cleaner that sucks up tramp oils, used oil and waste coolants. This advanced unit, which can also remove chips and fines, is an alternative to a dedicated sump cleaner. The reversible liquid vacuum is another option for sump cleaning or liquid removal. Designed to connect to a closed- head drum, it can also be used to remove lube or hydraulic oils from reservoirs. Eriez's sump cleaner is designed to stand up to the toughest challenges in cleaning machine tool sumps, tanks and pits. It removes fluid, sludge and chips from the sump, while a reusable integral filter liner filters the sludge and chips from the fluid. It can be set up to return the filtered fluid to the sump or transport the fluid to a recycling system. The unit's polypropylene filter sleeve filters to 50 microns. If finer filtration is needed, such as in certain grinding appli- cations, a single-use paper filter sleeve can be inserted into the chip basket, which filters as fine as 20 microns. | Eriez Manufacturing Co. | 814-835-6000 | Designed to keep up with advances in automated chip and fluid processing, PRAB offers systems for processing metal scrap and spent fluids as well as treating oily wastewater for recycle and reuse. New or updated scrap- and fluid-processing solutions can help companies become more profitable, productive and responsible to their employees and the planet. Using ineffective, undersized or outdated systems, or not employing a system at all, can create a costly process that is not conducive to having a clean, environmentally friendly shop. Benefits of industrial waste processing systems include increased profitability from the recovery and reuse of cutting fluids; improved productivity from automated systems; improved plant environment and worker safety from self-contained systems; and compliance with environmental regulations with dry chips. | PRAB Inc. | 800-968-7722 | Scrap- and Fluid-Processing Solutions Increase Profitability

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