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JAN 2018

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Modern Machine Shop 143 MODERN EQUIPMENT REVIEW Milacron's Cimcool brand has released a series of Milpro process oils for slideway, hydraulic and gear oil applica- tions, which have been successfully tested for compati- bility with metalworking fluids. Milpro way oils are lubricating oils designed to reduce friction and "stick-slip" on machine tool slide- ways. They provide a uniform oil film for smooth table motion even after extended shutdowns. The oils are for- tified with extreme pressure and tackiness additives to reduce metal-to-metal wear and provide lubrication on all plain bearing slideways regardless of table load or way speed. Sure-Way 68 has increased demulsibility char- acteristics, enabling the way lubricant to separate more efficiently from the metal- working fluid, extending the life of metalworking fluids. Milpro hydraulic oils are designed to transmit power, provide lubrication and protect gear systems. They are formulated to pass Mila- cron's specifications as well as industry guidelines for hydraulic oil applications. Milpro gear oils provide lubrication, cooling and pro- tection against oxidation. They are commonly used in differential gears and stan- dard transmission applica- tions in industrial machinery. The gear oils offer extreme temperature and pressure protection to prevent wear, pitting, spalling, scoring, scuffing and other types of damage that result in equip- ment failure and downtime. | Milacron LLC 513-536-2000 Way Lubrication Reduces Metal-to-Metal Wear

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