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JAN 2018

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MODERN EQUIPMENT REVIEW Modern Machine Shop 147 See a demo at /IndustrialNetting 1-800-328-8456 PR0TECT PARTS • Replace fluid soaked cardboard with reusable plastic mesh. • Breathable plastic sheets and sleeves cut to your sizes in one business day! from scratches and corrosion It's easy to say your tooling solves problems . It's harder to prove it. We prove it every day. 16 E. Piper Lane Prospect Heights, IL 847-749-0633 Stuck on a tough tooling challenge? Let us help. Heimatec isn't just a world leader in live tools, angle heads and multi-spindle drill heads; we're your source for problem solving and tooling application expertise. With years of hands-on experience and the most innovative tooling, we are your TOTAL solution source. Put us to the test and send us your toughest tooling challenge. Bore Scanner Tests Surface Structure, Roughness Jenoptik introduces its Hommel-Etamic Toposcan for measuring the surface of cylinder bores larger than 60 mm in diameter. The scanner is capable of automat- ically measuring the size of porosity and blow holes, stroke reversal radius, laser pocket structures, rough- ness of bore walls, torn and folded metal, and cross- hatch angles. It is suitable both for R&D tasks and for the production line. A 60-mm measuring probe performs optical testing of bore surface structure characteristics and tactile measurement of surface roughness. It offers optical zoom from 30 to 210 times for inspecting fine struc- tures. Optical inspection and roughness measurement at any position can complete evaluation of the cylinder surface. The basic system enables optical testing, and an advanced model can complete additional tactile roughness measurement. Both include a mobile work- station for easy transportation. The numerical and graphical output of the rough- ness parameters and profiles can be combined with the image evaluations in one report to provide compact and informative documentation. The scanner's lightweight and ergonomic design eases mobile use. The centering plate is adapted to the diameter of the cylinder bore. Manual radial probe positioning is performed by the operator. The product includes a lighting unit and a rough- ness probe for determining all selected surface char- acteristics. Motorized axial positioning, zoom, focus setting and lighting regulation are carried out using the computer. The roughness standard allows for immedi- ate verification of the measuring system. Cylinder bore surface is instantly displayed on the computer screen. | Jenoptik Industrial Metrology 248-853-5888

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