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JAN 2018

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MODERN EQUIPMENT REVIEW Modern Machine Shop 151 Twin-Spindle Mill/Turn Machines Complex Parts Complete The T8 Hybrid nine-axis twin spindle mill/turn center from Quicktech combines a three-axis power turret and a 360-degree B axis with a subspindle that features a four-axis gang slide to enable complete machining of complex parts with a capacity of 38 tools. Quicktech machines are distributed in North America exclusively by Absolute Machine Tools. The machine has two turning spindles and two live milling spindles. The 15-hp main spindle is available with either an 8", three-jaw chuck providing 65 mm (2.6") bar capacity, or a 60-mm collet chuck that accommodates 60-mm (2.4") barstock. The 42-mm (1.68") collet chuck of the subspindle accepts 32-mm (1.28") bars. Both main spindles and subspindles feature full continuous C axes and are synchronized for fast, accurate part transfer. The Flexible Duo System allows two programs to be run simultaneously, reduc- ing cycle time. Maximum turning length for the main spindle is 345 mm (13.8"); maximum turning length for the subspindle is 330 mm (13.2"). The main spindle has a rigid 12-station, three-axis BMT-55 live turret with a 5-hp spindle motor and 80 mm of true linear Y-axis travel. The turret features fast servomotor indexing and rigid hydraulic clamping, and all 12 turret stations can be live. The subspindle's four- axis gang tooling system operates in linear X, Y and Z axes plus a rotary 360-degree B axis. The sub tool post features five OD turning tools, nine OD turning tools and 12 live tools, powered by a 2-hp spindle motor. Rigid tapping is possible in both the turret and B axis. The machine frame and all major components are made of heavy Meehanite cast iron. Large 35-mm Hiwin roller-type linear guideways in all linear axes provide stability and permit heavier machining. Substantial 32-mm ballscrews are double-anchored, pre-tensioned and directly coupled to the machine's servomotors. | Absolute Machine Tools Inc. - Headquarters | 800-852-7825 | The Machine Tool Search Engine Search Machines Smarter. IN PARTNERSHIP WITH:

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