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JAN 2018

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MODERN EQUIPMENT REVIEW MMS JANUARY 2018 154 United Grinding introduces the Heliset Plus, a manual measuring system from Walter that is said to reduce complex tool machining time by as much as 30 percent. Once integrated into tool production processes, the system concurrently performs measurement opera- tions previously done in separate tool preparation areas or within the machine that produces the tool. The system works seamlessly with Walter machines that process complex cutting tools using both grinding and electrical discharge erosion operations. For ease of use, the new measuring system features an intuitive user interface and touchscreen operation. A live front-light image of the tool being processed speeds positioning of measuring points and provides a clear representation of cutting edges already measured, which enables shops to operate the system immediately and without the need for programming. Resulting XML data output from the mea- suring system instantaneously transfers to Walter Window Mode soft- ware within the grinding and eroding machines or to CNC measuring machines to save tool processing time. The system measures tools as large as 350 mm in diameter and 400 mm long. It includes a workstation, a manual axis adjustment and an ISO 50 spindle, as well as a back-light camera with 45× magnifica- tion and a front light. The company is developing the machine's capac- ity to also measure grinding wheels. | Walter | EWAG | 937-859-1975 | Manual Measuring System for Tool Grinding Multi-Axis Grit Blaster Prepares Aerospace Parts Guyson has released the multi-axis CNC grit blaster, designed for preparation prior to coating application in the aerospace industry. The heart of this system is based around the blast manipulation with four- axis controls directed by a Siemens CNC and roof- mounted two-axis cartesian gantry with 360-degree table positional capability. The transfer cart brings the parts to the blast enclosure where three-axis traverse is mounted with four suction guns that con- tinuously blast the part. The cabinet is equipped with a single, vertical, servo-driven spindle that serves as the fourth axis for the system when paired with the traverse. Maximum media delivery is ensured by a highly efficient gun design and metering system. With this complex and precise system, safety is a top priority. Multiple strategically placed E-stop buttons are placed around the entire machine. There is a vertically mounted area scanner and two-sided safety cage to inhibit access to cart and door when in motion. The system is equipped with an Allen-Bradley CR30 programmable, relay-based safety control. | Guyson Corp. 800-228-7894 | LED System Enables Linear Joining of Multiple Lights Smart Vision Lights, a designer and manufacturer of high-brightness LED lights for industrial applications, is introducing the LXE300. The series features a metal housing and delivers up to 100,000 lux, making it the company's brightest linear LED light. It includes a built-in Multi-Drive driver, allowing the light to operate continuously or in OverDrive strobe mode. The driver also protects the LEDs from premature degradation and failure from excessive heat by regulating the current delivered to the LEDs and by limiting their duty cycle. Other features include the ability to connect as many as six lights end to end, with no spacing between them. This creates long, uniform-output linear lights for a fraction of the cost of a monolithic light, the company says. Users can also daisy-chain as many as six of these systems using a locking jumper cable to support differ- ent multi-light configurations. The standard five-pin M12 connector simplifies wiring, since external wiring to a driver is unnecessary, and the 1-10 V DC analog control line gives the user control over intensity when running the light in continuous operation. | Smart Vision Lights 231-722-1199 |

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