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FEB 2018

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BETTER PRODUCTION MMS FEBRUARY 2018 104 GE AR MAKING A gantry loader moves the parts to the second machine, where they undergo roughing in four axes and finishing of the tapered head. The integrated, heavy-duty motor spindle is spe- cially rated for the application, with drive power ranging to 124 kW for cutting depths as deep as 10 millimeters, the company says. Finishing and gear cutting of the bevel gear journal in the hobbing process takes place in the third and final machine of the line. Combining turning and hobbing in a single clamping improves precision and efficiency. The bevels are said to have con- centricity of less than 10 microns after finishing, and the hobbing unit developed by WMZ is said to produce splines with tolerances of less than 10 microns over balls. The hobbing unit's 140-milli- meter shift path is designed to maximize hobbing cutter use. A hydraulic shaft chuck and dolly combined with an SK 30 holder enable a change-over accuracy of 3 microns for easy retooling, the company says. Once the bevel gears have run through all three machines, they are measured in an integrated measuring system with measured data feedback and automatic dimensional correction, which WMZ says has reduced the car maker's rate of rejects. It also eliminates the need for the trans- fer line to run up to speed in preparation for mass production. After measurement, the bevel gears are brought automatically to the customer's two existing tooth-cutting machines for spiral tooth cutting. The bevel gear is then ready for installation. | Werkzeugmaschinenbau Ziegenhain 49 6691 94610 The transfer line WMZ created includes three machines from its modular V300 series. It also has a conveyor and gripper system to move the parts through the line, and an integrated measuring machine. Having issues with your finishing process? finding a better way... Rosler Metal Finishing USA is the leader in mass finishing, shot blasting, automated processes and media - made in the USA. Visit or call 269-441-3000 for more information. For over 60 years, Rosler has produced high-quality ceramic media, plastic media and finishing compounds. Rosler offers over 8,000 different types of consumables for use in every conceivable mass finishing application. If you are having issues with your finishing process, send us your parts and we will process them in one of our test labs, helping you find a better process.

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