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FEB 2018

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TOOLING AND WORKHOLDING MMS FEBRUARY 2018 110 Modular Towers Enable Mixing, Matching of Clamping Components group of dissimilar workpieces or a high quantity of a single part all in the same setup. The system employs reusable clamping components that can be mixed and matched to hold the required part sizes. This system of self-aligning modules enables the creation of the equiv- alent of a custom fixture with the ability to be reconfig- ured for changing part sizes. Interlocking serrations on the tower base and the clamping device enable the SeraLock system's serrated mounting surfaces to align and clamp accurately and quickly. WedgeLock and MoveLock modules have quick, repeatable accuracy and small strokes to minimize clamping time. SeraLock Towers are available in four- and two-sided towers with a base that mounts to a horizontal machin- ing center or an indexer for vertical machining center applications. An additional option for vertical machining centers is the SeraLock pallet, which mounts directly to the machine table or a subplate. | Kurt Manufacturing - Industrial Products 877-226-7823 | Kurt's SeraLock Towers, along with its WedgeLock and MoveLock workholding modules, are designed to pro- vide density, accuracy and flexibility to accommodate different part sizes and multiple parts. SeraLock Towers make it possible to machine a YMW TAPS USA Quality. Consistency. Performance. Z-PRO Economical High Performance Taps YAMAWA YAMAWA YAMAWA YAMAW 1507 E. McFadden Ave. Santa Ana, CA 92705 Customer Service 855-YMW-USA1 855-969-8721 Ph:714-782-0960 Fx: 714-380-6324

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