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FEB 2018

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MMS FEBRUARY 2018 116 JEDD COLE | EDITOR | Systems and Software Adaptive Roughing Tool Paths Increase Tool Life SmartCAMcnc has released the 2018 version of its CAM software, including new adaptive rough milling technol- ogy; FreeForm Machining and Advanced Turning appli- cations; Advanced Fabrication and Advanced Wire EDM verification modules; and improved feed-rate control. Adaptive roughing tool paths maintain consistent cutting condition, eliminate full-width slotting cuts and automatically create adaptive feed rates, which increase tool life, as well as reduce cycle time and shock on the machine, the company says. These tool paths don't generate sharp corners, and users can control the cut width and feed rates for climb- and conventional-cut tool paths. Auto-start position with smooth entry enables entry from open boundaries at full cut depth where pos- sible. Cuts can be linked with smooth connections that lift the tool off the floor while returning to the start of the next cut at fast feed rates. The Advanced Fabrication and Advanced Wire EDM applications now include the company's Verify module. It uses ModuleWorks simulation technology to provide material removal verification and collision checking. The module can also create revolved stock using open or closed wireframe profiles so that the stock profile is revolved around the X axis of the workplane assigned to the profile geometry. It automatically removes separated stock pieces, enabling the user to remove waste mate- rial during the simulation to better see the final results. Two conditions for tool changes and collisions can be used to pause the simulation and enable closer exam- ination of toolpath process. Core system improvements include expanded feed rate capability and flexibility for better and more com- plete control of toolpath feed rates, a new process plan list view that visually separates CAD geometry from CAM toolpath geometry, updated solid modeling kernel from ACIS, and updated CAD data translators for Pro-E/Creo 4.0 and ACIS SAT/SAB R2018 files. | SmartCAMcnc | 541-344-4563

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