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FEB 2018

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SYSTEMS AND SOFTWARE MMS FEBRUARY 2018 120 As low as $45 per month! Reth in k Downtim e: Leverage Our Proven Solution REASONS TO I NVEST I N MACH IN E MON ITORING: • Drives improvement based on real-time data • Real-time alerts will help improve machine utilization • Collects downtime & machine trends in order to increase OEE • Monitor any equipment on your manufacturing shop floor Start your FREE trial today! Use Promo Code "MMS02" Toll Free (877) 611-5825 MFG Systems Integrator Since 1998 Find us on: Apps Simplify Use of Tool Probes, Tool Setters Renishaw has developed the GoProbe and Trigger Logic smartphone apps for users of its machine tool probing hardware. They are available globally and free of charge for iOS and Android, with support in more than 15 languages. GoProbe, an enabling technology in the company's macro-based software packages, is designed to make the company's machine tool probes and tool setters easy to use. Its programming format consists of a single-line command, eliminating the need for extensive knowledge of machine codes and programming techniques. The app enables users to create the single-line command by selecting the required cycle from the displayed menu and populating a series of data fields. The app generates the command and displays it for input into the control. Animations, images and text provide assistance when required. Supporting spindle probes and tool setters, the app can help new operators program basic probing and tool-setting cycles. A single installation supports a range of machine tool configurations and control types. The Trigger Logic app gives users a faster and easier method of customizing probe settings for specific appli- cations, the company says. Illustrations and videos are designed to help explain the process when necessary. Suitable for use with optical and radio probes, including tool setters, it can be used to acquire and partner with radio probes in conjunction with the company's com- bined radio interface and receiver units. | Renishaw Inc. | 847-286-9953 |

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