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FEB 2018

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SYSTEMS AND SOFTWARE Modern Machine Shop 125 CAD/CAM Software Optimizes Roughing with High-Feed Cutters Open Mind has released version 2018.1 of its HyperMill CAD/CAM software suite. New functions include soft overlap blending enhancements, 3D optimized rough- ing for high-feed cutters and the CAM-oriented global fitting CAD function. It also includes process-optimized functions for electrode manufacturing and virtual machining simulation. The optimized 3D roughing processes for machining with high-feed cutters calculate the stepover distance from the scallop height measured against the cutter geometry. A special toolpath movement removes rest material from corners when lateral infeed is very high, and intelligent cut division and optimized tool paths provide greater process safety for remaining thin ridges. The new soft overlap function reduces machining marks at transitions between steep and flat areas or at the extents of rest machining regions. The CAD module's global fitting function saves time by creating a single, cohesive face from a set of mul- tiple faces. Many CAM strategies can then follow the ISO U-V orientation of the surface patch, increasing the application of these CAM strategies. HyperCAD-S Electrode automates the construction and manufacturing of die-sinking electrodes. Users can derive electrodes from the face to be die-sunk within the component geometry without specialist expertise. The enhanced module includes a rotational electrode func- tion, which facilitates the circular placement of multiple electrode geometries with different spark gaps on a holder, saving time during milling and eroding. The Virtual Machining simulation module creates a virtual rendering of the machine based on NC data. | Open Mind Technologies USA Inc. | 888-516-1232 FADAL TURN-KEY CNC REPLACEMENT MAKE MORE MONEY, UPGRADE NOW *Fadal is a registered trademark of Fadal Engineering, LLC Installs in hours through plug-compaƟble design Runs exisƟng Fadal programs (Format 1 & Format 2) Behaves like a Legacy Fadal CNC Improves performance and producƟvity Comes with network connecƟvity as standard 24 months warranty Power AutomaƟon America, Inc 11053 Penrose St, Suite C, Sun Valley CA 91352 8601 Jameel Road, Suite 140, Houston, TX 77040 (833) 769-7262 www.powerautomaƟ sales.america@powerautomaƟ Call us at (833) POWRCNC for more informaƟon

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