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MMS FEBRUARY 2018 126 JEDD COLE | EDITOR | Modern Equipment Review Additive Manufacturing SPOTLIGHT Detergent Dissolves Additive Support Material Quickly, Cleanly Omegasonics announced the release of CleanMor 706, a cleaning detergent for removing delicate support material from pieces produced by Stratasys Object 3000 3D printers that use SUP 706 support material. The non-hazmat detergent is said to speed up the process of removing delicate support material by a factor of 500 percent. Operators using CleanMor 706 can simply pour the liquid detergent into the ultra- sonic tank to quickly dissolve the support material without discoloring or drying out the piece, the com- pany says. The cleaning solution was developed to help a hospital remove intricate support material from pediatric hearts and organ molds prior to surgery. Previously, the healthcare facility was utilizing a harsh powder that released dust particles in the air, and considered installing an eye wash station to protect employees from injury. | Omegasonics | 800-669-8227 Modular Metal 3D Printing System Integrates Workflow 3D Systems is releasing the DMP 8500 Factory Solution, a scalable, automated and fully integrated metal additive manufacturing system based on the com- pany's Direct Metal Printing (DMP) technology. According to the company, it offers an efficient and fully integrated workflow from powder-in to part-out, producing repeatable, high-quality parts. Able to produce metal parts ranging to 500 × 500 × 500 mm, the system is designed to be open to new applications in additive manufac- turing for companies in the aerospace, industrial and automotive industries. Function-specific modules comprise the system to maximize efficiency by optimizing utilization of each module. These modules include Removable Print Modules (RPMs) that seal modules for transport, Printer Modules designed to enable maximum printer uptime in a 24/7 production cycle, Powder Management Modules (PMMs) that efficiently de-powder parts on build plat- forms, and Transport Modules that enable efficient move- ment of the RPMs between printer and powder modules to reduce production time. The system will integrate 3DXpert software, an all-in- one software that efficiently prepares and optimizes parts for streamlined direct-metal production of functional parts. | 3D Systems | 803-326-3900 |

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