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FEB 2018

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DECIDING FACTORS MMS FEBRUARY 2018 24 Data-Driven Manufacturing and vulnerabilities. Until you can patch them, check for ways to mitigate the weaknesses. • Take steps to prevent any circumvention of access controls that you have defined in your system. Remove or disable any remote connec- tions that are not necessary for safe operations. • For any wireless technology that may have addressing and naming capabilities, change the names using a nonstandard naming convention that does not indicate the nature of the technol- ogy or its location. Document and secure your naming conventions in the same location as the architecture designs and network maps. • If you are using remote access and gateways for daily operations, ensure that the vendor's technology uses authentication and encryption schemes that are robust and capable. • For user accounts and credentials for your system, remove any temporary or shared accounts and their passwords. If components have credentials and accounts that you cannot change to your facility's specifications, contact the vendor and request alternatives, or seek solutions for your own site-specific accounts. • Develop a strict policy for visitors and the digital technology they may bring, including any kind of computer or device such as USB sticks, laptops or diagnostic tools. The parts of your system that require remote troubleshooting should be con- trolled by your site. • Develop a policy for detecting and disabling mal- ware as recommended in the ICS-CERT portal. These preliminary steps will create a basic level of cybersecurity that can be strengthened over time. Audit these practices regularly to keep them current and effective. Revise your procurement guidelines to be sure new equipment such as CNC machines are in line with security practices. Use third-party services such as UL's CAP to ascertain that a baseline of security is in place. For more information about this program, the UL 2900 series of standards, or how to get your systems and components UL certified, visit . CONTRIBUTOR | Ken Modeste Leader, Cybersecurity Services, UL LLC B U R N I S H I N G THE LEADER IN HOLE FINISHING SOLUTIONS Universal Burnishing Tools Shafts, faces, tapers, contours, small and large O.D.s Diamond Burnishing Tools O.D.s, large I.D.s, or faces of almost any diameter THE FASTEST, MOST ECONOMICAL WAY TO A GREAT FINISH visit call 803 438 4000 ©2018 PO BOX 7007 CAMDEN, SC 29021-7007 C re a t e l o w m i c ro f i n i s h e s i n s e c o n d s • I.D.s, O.D.s, tapers, faces and more • Eliminate costly grinding and honing • Improve part quality • Used on a variety of machines • Wide range of tools available from stock

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